Subaru Outback 5th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (BS; 2015-2020)

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Subaru Forester 4th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (SJ; 2013-2018)

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Subaru XV/Impreza Hatchback/Crosstrek 5th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (GT; 2017-2023)

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Subaru Forester 3rd Generation Car Rear Window Shades (SH; 2008-2013)

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Subaru Tribeca Car Rear Window Shades (2006-2014)*

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Subaru Outback 4th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (2009-2014)

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Subaru XV/Impreza Hatchback/Crosstrek 4th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (2011-2017)

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Subaru Forester 5th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (SK; 2018-Present)

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Subaru Liberty/Legacy Wagon 5th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (2009-2014)

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Subaru Sunshades

Find High-Quality Subaru Sunshades to Keep Your Little Ones Safe

If you’ve been hunting unsuccessfully for Subaru sunshades that fit your car correctly and do exactly what they should, then look no further than Snap Shades. Each car shade is made to fit your car model while still looking good in your car window. We want to help every parent out there keep their children safe from sunburn, glare, and all kinds of flying insects.

Problems Snap Shades Addresses with Subaru Car Shades

We aim to make the process of keeping your kids safe in a car as simple as possible by providing easy to install car shades for any vehicle.

  • Smart magnets make for quick and easy installation that you can do at home by yourself before a long road trip with the kids.
  • People have worries about using car shades as some can block the blind spots of the driver. We have ensured that our car shades will not obstruct your view, even at night.

What You Can Expect from Snap Shades Regarding Subaru Car Shades

Our goal is child protection and passenger safety.

  • Snap Shades have designed car shades that protect your passengers from UV rays, overheating, glare, and even stray insects that try to find their way into your car.
  • Custom hand made products that are designed to fit your car’s specific model shape perfectly, so there are no worries about finding the right size for your windows.

Why Trust Snap Shades

When we had a baby, we realised that sun protection is just as important as a high-quality car seat to keep your child safe. We took it upon ourselves to create Subaru car shades that look stylish and block harmful rays.

Contact us today to find out more about the various model options we have available to help you keep your family safe.


Custom Subaru Car Shades for a Perfect Fit

Because each Subaru window shade is custom-designed and manufactured to the exact dimensions of the vehicle, choosing the right ones could not be easier. They are guaranteed to be a perfect fit every time. Please take a moment with our rapid product checker, and you will discover the Subaru window shades you need in a matter of moments. After you find the correct Subaru car shade for your vehicle, why not browse our superb collection of other products and accessories, including:

Discover the Best Subaru Sun Shades

If you are interested in premium-quality, innovative Subaru sun shades at fair, affordable prices, reach out to the professionals at Snap Shades for an extensive selection of options.

At Snap Shades, we take great pride in the premium quality of all our products, and our Subaru sun shade range is no exception. Each unit is made from exceptionally durable, unidirectional cross-mesh material that is sensationally robust and impervious to the rigours of daily use. 

SUB023 Subaru WRX Sportwagon 2nd Gen 2022 003
SUB002 Subaru Outback 5th Generation 006
SUB017 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan 2008 2011 003

Once installed (in itself the simplest, most elegant solution imaginable), your Subaru window shade will brush off daily wear and tear and give you the following benefits, among others:

Elimination of the extreme glare the Australian sunshine can cause, increasing driving comfort and safety.

Significant lowering of the vehicle’s internal temperatures. Gone are the days when you cannot bear to even enter your car, and touching the surfaces is enough to burn your skin. 

When you install a Subaru car shade from Snap Shades, you can say goodbye to the sensation of getting into an oven. Up to 84.6% reduction in dangerous UV rays entering your car. 

Zero window obstruction: All of our shades are designed to be as effective as possible while still allowing the windows to be (partially) wound down and ensuring they create no blind spots.

Maximum stability: Our Subaru car shades will never come loose or flap dangerously when driving. 

Low maintenance: A quick rub with a damp cloth from time to time is all you need

Solid construction and impressive durability

Comprehensive sun coverage

Superior Protection with Subaru Window Shades

Some beneficial aspects of our amazing Subaru sun shades to bear in mind as you are making your decisions include:

Snap Shades is proud to have become a trusted, reputable company. This is the result of many years of hard work and dedication to the cause. We understand the crucial role a good reputation plays in the success of any business and never do anything to jeopardise our good standing.

Ellipse 9

Simple, intuitive installation

Any Subaru sun shade we supply uses a system of innovative ‘smart’ magnets that makes it effortless to install in moments. Once seated securely in place, the only time the unit will shift or loosen is when you choose to remove it

Ellipse 9

Custom fit

Each make and model of vehicle has its own bespoke set of car sun shades that are a perfect fit. Double-check that you have selected the right version, and don’t be afraid to contact us and check if you’re not sure. 

SUB017 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan 2008 2011 002
SUB002 Subaru Outback 5th Generation 002
SUB013 Subaru WRX Sedan 004

Enhance Your Drive with Subaru Window Shades

Whether you come to us looking for Subaru window shades or any other top-tier products, you will always receive professional service and our best efforts to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can also expect the following: 

If you want to hear more about Snap Shades and our unwavering standards and company ethos, please contact us today. Our trained, knowledgeable team members will gladly provide detailed product information and give you all the advice, guidance, and information you need. 



Why Are Subaru Sun Shades Essential for Your Vehicle?

One of the most sensible measures you can take to make your vehicle's interior tolerable to occupy and safer for kids, pets, and the elderly is to install one or more Subaru car shades. The team at Snap Shades has worked long and hard to create the perfect solution and has provided what we believe to be the best Subaru sun shades on the market. No other car window shades fit more snugly, have a greater working lifespan, or prevent more damaging UV rays from entering your vehicle. 

What Should You Consider When Selecting Subaru Window Shades?

You only need to consider whether you want to improve the experience of spending any time inside your vehicle. Choosing the right unit is a piece of cake, and once the decision is made, the rest will be plain sailing.

Snap Shades
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