Blocks up to 84.6% UVA & UVB (ARPANSA) and filters light and glare.



Smart magnets allow quick, easy and hassle-free installation whilst providing resistance to wind while the vehicle is in motion.



Custom handmade to fit specific vehicles.

New Shade No Background Generic
New Shade No Background Generic


Flexible lightweight metal frame. Increase privacy in your vehicle.



Windows can be partially wound down with Snap Shades installed when vehicle is in motion (up to 70 km/hour).



Designed to last. Snap Shades are not prone to stretching, flapping or fading over time.

Product Information


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Gone are the days where you have flapping, faded window shades. Gone are the days where you can’t open your windows or worry about blind spots.

Snap Shades are the latest, stylish and affordable car window sunshades. Snap Shades are magnetic, perfectly fitted and vehicle specific.

They are designed to help you protect your passengers from harmful UV rays, heat, glare and insects.


What You Can Expect from Snap Shades Regarding Car Window Shades

As a trusted name in the industry, we aspire to cater to all your needs regarding car window blinds. We make a commitment to you to always provide the following:

  • Options for numerous models: Our company carries choices for shades for over 30 different car models. We carry popular brand options including BMW, Lexus and Land Rover. Are you having trouble finding the right piece for your car? Reach out to us any time for further assistance.
  • Free shipping: We work quickly to get your order to you as soon as possible, so you can begin enjoying it. Our company offers free shipping for customers in Australia with options for international shipping if needed. Normal processing time is two business days and delivery time will vary depending on your location.
  • Easy exchange policy: We understand that it is possible to make a mistake in ordering the right custom blocker for your automobile. If the piece you bought is damaged in shipping or doesn’t fit, reach out to us within 30-days for instructions on returning the item to us so we can send you one that suits your vehicle needs.
What Sets Snap Shades Apart Regarding Car Side Window Shades

We founded Snap Shades when we became new parents and found ourselves in the market for a product to protect our baby from the sun while driving. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any that offered the sun protection we needed without spoiling the look of our car. The Snap Shade car sun blockers aim to provide both.

  • Snap Shade use smart magnets to make installation and removal of the Snap Shades a breeze.
  • Snap Shades use material tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency that has been shown to reduce UVA and UVB rays by 84.6%, which makes them among the most protective car blinds available.
  • As all our Snap Shades are custom made to fit the make and model of your car. Too many other shading options offer one size fits all solutions that can involve suction cups or sox that mar the look of your car and can flap outside the vehicle at speed.
Benefits of Car Sun Shades

Our team is fully versed in the many advantages of investing in one of our car sun blinds. These include:

  • An asset to parents: Keeping your little one cool during car rides doesn’t have to be a struggle when you use a sun blocker in the backseat. Your babe will not be affected by annoying UV rays, and you can drive peacefully knowing that your child is not uncomfortable due to excessive sunlight.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer: Are you concerned about developing skin cancer such as melanoma? To lessen this serious risk, the Cancer Council advises that you stay out of direct sunlight as often as possible. Our blinds block U.V. rays as you are driving to help decrease your exposure.
  • Added car protection: Many car owners overlook the fact that sunlight can have some negative effects on the interior of your vehicle, such as the dashboard fading or warping. Combined with the fact that our blinds help to keep the temperature in your car cooler, purchasing our product goes a long way in making your car look and feel nicer.
About Snap Shades

The professionals at Snap Shades are well-trained in the unique details of our inventory. We understand how useful our products are and take the time to speak with you about your hesitations. Our team tries to make the installation process easy for you by providing you with an easy guide to follow with the option of calling us about any questions.

Are you ready to find out more about our car side window shades and blinds? Reach out to us today.


AccordianFrontShadeTransparent Medium

Outer reflective layer

Insulating foam core

Soft felt backing

The front windscreen shades have a triple laminate construction with a foam core centre that acts as an insulator, a reflective layer on the outside, soft felt backing on the inner side and are finished with a stylish black binding. The unique internal foam core provides superior insulation as well as preventing the sun shade from falling when in use. Our custom sun shades also retain its shape and rigidity after use. No more flimsy, wrinkled looking sun shades.


Our Front Windscreen Shades are custom-fit to your exact windscreen and designed to protect your vehicle from UV damage while significantly lowering interior vehicle temperature. With a perfect fit to your windscreen, you get maximum interior protection from harmful UV rays and damaging heat.

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