MG ZS/ZST Car Rear Window Shades (2017-Present)

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MG HS Car Rear Window Shades (2018-Present)

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MG GS Car Rear Window Shades (2015-2019)

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MG HS Port Window Shades (2018-Present)

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MG ZS/ZST Car Window Shades (2017-Present)

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MG HS Car Window Shades (2018-Present)

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MG ZS/ZST Front Windscreen Sun Shade (2017-Present)

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MG 3 2nd Generation Front Windscreen Sun Shade (2011 to Present)

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MG HS Front Windscreen Sun Shade (2018-Present)

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Mg Car Sun Shades

Custom MG Sun Shades for Side Windows

Vehicles can only combat the brutal Australian sunshine with assistance, and this is where Snap Shades is at hand to offer the very product you need. Our car sun shades are custom-designed from state-of-the-art materials to make the experience of being inside your vehicle much more pleasant and safer. Like all our sun shades, our MG Hector window shades are the perfect solution when the sun threatens to turn your precious car into an inferno. 

Some of the benefits and features of an MG sun shade from Snap Shades include: 

Instinctive, simple installation and removal

Each unit is made to the exact measurements of your vehicle

Exceptional UV protection (84.6%)

Premium materials and a stylish, attractive appearance

Excellent peer and existing customer reviews

Whether you need MG sun shades to protect young children, the vulnerable, or beloved pets, we have everything you need. You may have none of those things but prefer to sit in a vehicle that is not so hot that you dare not touch the internal surfaces. Either way, when you purchase an MG sun shade from Snap Shades, you will be protected from damaging UV rays and experience drastically reduced temperatures.

Explore Our Range of MG Sun Shades for Every Model

We offer custom-fitted MG sun shades for various models, from MG ZS window shades and beyond. Each is designed to fit your vehicle precisely, with the measurements taken directly from the cars. Meticulously created to be a perfect fit, our MG Astor window shades are sure to impress you with their quality and durability. 

Suffer no longer; keep temperatures down and dangerous UV rays out of your car with the perfect MG sun shade. Match your vehicle using our convenient product finder; just input your vehicle’s make, model, and year and peruse the results.

MG001 MG ZS 002
MG006 MG 4 2022+ 001

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept many suppliers adopt when creating their car shades does not sit well with us at Snap Shades. We want our products to be a perfect, custom fit, and we base our dimensions on the measurements of each vehicle. Treat yourself to the best; insist on top-tier MG Hector window shades from Snap Shades, and you will not regret your decision. 

The Perfect Fit:

MG Sun Shades for Enhanced Comfort and Protection

Spend a few moments browsing our site, and you’ll notice that Snap Shades offers a superb range of practical, hand-picked products. You will also find the following items and more:  

Spare parts

Diamond seat protectors

Headrest hooks

Baby car accessories

Protection for infants

If you want to learn more about us as a genuine Australian success story, you will discover that we pride ourselves on our impeccable standards, professional integrity, and ethical practices. Combine that with an obsession for creating the best car sun shades anywhere, and you have a recipe for success that many in the industry would love to emulate.  

MG001 MG ZS 001


Tel: 02 9538 4633

MG001 MG ZS 003

Superior Protection with Our MG Sun Shades

The Australian government tested and scrutinised all our products, including MG ZS window shades, and found that they block 84.6% of the sun’s UV rays from entering your vehicle. This makes them industry leaders in protecting the occupants of any vehicle, something we are immensely proud of. 

For more detailed product information or to direct any questions and comments to our experienced, knowledgeable staff, please get in touch today. You may also like to check out our frequently asked questions, which can be very informative and may provide answers to your questions. 



What Makes Our MG Sun Shades a Must-Have for Your Vehicle?

The cutting-edge unidirectional cross-mesh materials that make up our MG Astor window shades and others are unbeatable at preventing UV rays from penetrating, automatically lowering the temperature inside your vehicle. Combine this with an instinctive, robust attachment system, fade resistance, and custom fit, and you have a perfect product.  

How Do Snap Shades' MG Sun Shades Compare to Standard Window Tints?

While standard window tints are certainly necessary to combat the effects of the sun, they are seldom sufficient alone. If your tint is within the legal range, you will likely also require a sun shade. Another major advantage of car sun shades is that they can be removed at night to maximise visibility, whereas tints cannot.  

Can Snap Shades' MG Sun Shades Be Easily Installed and Removed?

Due to their perfect dimensions and innovative installation system using 'smart' magnets, any MG sun shade you purchase from Snap Shades is the essence of simplicity to install and remove. 

Snap Shades
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