Mitsubishi ASX 1st Generation/Outlander Sport 3rd Generation | Citroen C4 Aircross | Peugeot 4008 Car Rear Window Shades (2010-Present)

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Mitsubishi Challenger/Pajero Sport/Montero Sport/Nativa/Pajero Dakar Car Rear Window Shades (PB/PC Series; 2008-2016)

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Mitsubishi Outlander 3rd Generation Car Rear Window Shades (2012-2021)

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Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero/Shogun 4th Generation Car Rear Window Shades (V80; 2007-2021)

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Mitsubishi Triton/L200/Strada 5th Generation | FIAT Fullback | RAM 1200 Car Rear Window Shades (2015-2024)

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport/Montero Sport/Shogun Sport 3rd Generation Car Rear Window Shades (QE/QF Series; 2015-Present)*

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Mitsubishi Lancer/Cedia/Virage Sedan | Soueast Lioncel II Car Rear Window Shades (2000-2007)*

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Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan/Hatchback | Proton Inspira Car Rear Window Shades (2007-2017)*

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Mitsubishi Outlander 2nd Generation | Peugeot 4007 | Citroen C-Crosser Car Rear Window Shades (CW/XG/XH; 2006-2012)

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Mitsubishi Car  Sun Shades

 Mitsubishi Sunshades are Available at Snap Shades

If you are interested in Mitsubishi sun shades, reach out to the professionals at Snap Shades for an extensive selection of options.

 Problems Mitsubishi Sunshades Addresses

Our sunshades are made using highly durable material that is made to stand up to daily wear and tear. By using this item, you eliminate the following issues:

  • Extreme glare that causes discomfort for you and your passengers while driving.
  • Window obstruction is never a problem. Our shade does not cause a blind spot and still provides you with the option to roll your window down partially.
  • A limited selection. We supply choices for over 30 different car models.

 Tips Regarding Mitsubishi Car Shades

Do you need more information about our Mitsubishi car shades? Here are some useful factors to consider when making your final decision:

  • Our shades are easy to install and shouldn’t take any more than a few moments of your time to lock in
  • They are custom-made to fit your vehicle. Make sure to double check that you have selected the right one for your car’s make and model
  • If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help you feel comfortable both before and after your purchase

 Why Trust Snap Shades Regarding Mitsubishi Car Shades

Snap Shades has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. We understand the important role that our shades play in the well-being of the occupants in your car. Our team works quickly to fill your order with most purchases processed within two days. Do you live in Australia? Take advantage of our free shipping.

To place your order or to speak with a member of our team about our Mitsubishi car shades, please use our contact page.

Explore Top-Quality Mitsubishi Sun Shades

Australia boasts more sunshine than just about any other country on the planet, and people worldwide are envious of it. However, it is not all plain sailing when living under such an occasionally brutal sun, and Australians have to take measures to diminish the sun’s effects to make life safer and more comfortable. 

One of those measures is installing car sun shades to make vehicle interiors tolerable and safe for kids, pets, and the elderly. At Snap Shades, we have made it our mission to provide the best sun shades on the market, and our Mitsubishi window shades are no exception. 

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Custom Mitsubishi Car Shades for a Perfect Fit

When choosing the right window shades, your Mitsubishi deserves ones that fit its dimensions perfectly, and Snap Shades is here to help. Each Mitsubishi sun shade we offer is manufactured using the exact measurements of the vehicle it is intended for, meaning the fit is always snug and satisfying. 

Take a few moments to input your make and model into our convenient product checker, and it will instantly give you the availability of any Mitsubishi sun shades you require. When you are finished finding the suitable units for your vehicle, be sure to browse our excellent, hand-picked collection of spare parts and accessories, including:

We insist on the same unwavering levels of quality in all our products and stand proudly by their practicality and affordability. When you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the frightening strength of the Australian sun, look no further than Snap Shades to provide everything you need.  

Enhance Your Drive with Mitsubishi Window Shades

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Hidden Dangers

Climbing into a vehicle that has been exposed to the direct sun can border on being dangerous at times and is highly uncomfortable if nothing else.

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Effective Solution

Using custom-designed car shades, your Mitsubishi can be made much more tolerable to enter, and it will help to keep your children and other passengers safe and comfortable.  

Custom-designed to fit each model’s exact measurements and stylings, our premium-quality Mitsubishi car shades are proven to reduce sweltering internal car temperatures and lessen the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays by 84.6% (according to Australian government tests). Using cutting-edge cross-hatch fibre technology and superior materials, they represent the perfect way to protect the occupants of any SUV, truck, or car. When you need custom-designed, high-quality Mitsubishi window shades, Snap Shades is the team you need.   

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Ultimate Sun Protection with Premium Mitsubishi Sun Shades

A Mitsubishi sun shade from Snap Shades offers the following benefits and features:

When you need perfect-fitting Mitsubishi window shades that are easy to install, practical, and highly effective, Snap Shades are the people to turn to. 

To discover more about Snap Shades and how our company operates, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will gladly discuss product information and give you all the guidance and advice you need. 


Smart magnets for effortless placement and removal


Stable, unmoving shades, even with the windows open slightly


Low maintenance requirements (a wipe with a damp cloth now and then is ample)


Robust construction and sensational durability


Comprehensive sun coverage


Drastically reduced internal temperatures


84.6% of all UV rays blocked from entering the vehicle


Robust construction and sensational durability


Comprehensive sun coverage


Drastically reduced internal temperatures


84.6% of all UV rays blocked from entering the vehicle



What Benefits Do Mitsubishi Sun Shades Offer?

When you are in the market for the car window shades your Mitsubishi needs to make spending time in it more pleasant and protect you from UV rays, choosing a custom-designed unit that will fit your vehicle perfectly makes sense. Using methodical measurements and maximum attention to detail, Snap Shades has gathered a collection of car shades for Mitsubishi owners of all kinds. These premium products are unmatched at reducing your car’s temperature and are extremely easy to install and remove. 

How Do Our Car Shades for Mitsubishi Stand Out?

When you have Mitsubishi window shades in place to reflect the sun’s rays and keep the internal temperature down, getting in is much more acceptable. The system will have much less work to make you comfortable, saving fuel as a nice bonus. Another feature we are proud of is that our Mitsubishi car shades look stylish and attractive. 

Can Mitsubishi Sun Shades Be Easily Installed and Removed?

As with all car window shades from Snap Shades, your product will be instinctive and effortless to install when you purchase a Mitsubishi car shade. Our innovative ‘snap-on' system uses smart magnets to attach your Mitsubishi window shade and hold it firmly.

Snap Shades
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