Rear Door Windows, Side Port Windows, Rear Windscreen and Sunroof Snap Shades

Will Snap Shades obstruct my view?

We have specially chosen a perforated fabric which does not block the driver’s blind spots. Snap Shades should be removed when vision is impaired.

Please note: Visibility out of windows does differ for everyone and depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to: angle looking out, tinting and lighting/weather conditions.

Can I still wind my windows down with Snap Shades installed?

Absolutely! You still have functionality of your windows with Snap Shades installed. You can partially wind down the windows even when driving at reasonable speeds (approx up to 70 km/hr). We do not recommend windows to be wound down completely when the vehicle is in motion.

Please note: Our recommendation assumes you only have the rear door windows open partially when driving, it does not take into account other windows of the car or wind speed or direction.

How do I know if my vehicle requires Snap Shades with or without magnetic mounts?

The product listing for your model will specify “magnetic mounting clips included” in the description if your model requires magnetic mounts for installation.

Some vehicles require magnetic mounts for the installation of the shades as the car window frame has plastic/rubber trim (non magnetic). The magnetic mounts have double sided adhesive tape that sticks to the trim of the window frame. If required, magnetic mounts are included with your purchase.

What are Snap Shades made of?

Snap Shades are made of high quality mesh material with high strength magnets embedded in the shade frame.

Where are Snap Shades made?

Snap Shades are made in China.

Front Windscreen Shades

What are Front Windscreen Shades made of?

Our Front Windscreen Shades have a triple laminate construction with a foam core centre that acts as an insulator, a reflective layer on the outside, soft felt backing on the inner side and are finished with a stylish black binding.

How do I install my Front Windscreen Shade?

Our Front Windscreen Shades are easy to install and remove. They are simply placed into the front windscreen area when the car is stationary. The shade does not necessarily sit flush to the glass. You will need to utilise your sun visors to ensure they stay in place.

Does the Front Windscreen Shade work with dash mats, dash cameras and other devices installed on my windscreen?

Our Front Windscreen Shades do not have to sit flush to the glass. Dash mats can affect the fitment of the shade as it can cause the shade to sit a little higher than if there was no dash mat installed. We usually make allowances around the rear vision mirror for items such as E-Toll tags and dash cameras. If you have a dash camera, phone holder, GPS holder or other device installed on the front windscreen, our Front Windscreen Shade can usually be installed over the device if it is small, utilising the sun visors to keep the shade in place. Unfortunately if your device protrudes a significant distance from the glass, the shade will not be able to be installed. Please contact us if you wish to confirm whether our Front Windscreen Shade will be suitable with your devices.

How well fitted are Front Windscreen Shades?

We provide custom-fit Front Windscreen Shades to your windscreen to provide maximum protection from harmful UV rays and damaging heat. Our custom sun shades block out a significant amount of light and UV rays that enter from the front windscreen, however due to the angle of the front windscreen and additional sensors or different mirror shapes/sizes available for different models, there may be gaps around your rear-view mirror or sides to allow the sun shade to fit and to ensure installation is quick and easy.

How do I store my Front Windscreen Shade when not in use?

The unique folding design allows for easy installation and removal. We also provide a handy storage bag for storage of your Front Windscreen Shade when it is not in use.

How effective is a Front Windscreen Shade?

Our Front Windscreen Shade reduces interior vehicle temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius and reduces interior surface temperature by up to 45 degrees Celsius. It also aims to help prevent fading and cracking of car interior over time.

Where are Front Windscreen Shades made?

Our Front Windscreen Shades are made in China.