Snap On Sun Shades

Snap On Shades featuring the EZ Snap Fastener System.
“Shade Product of the Year”

Cut-to-size exterior shade system. Install your own heat blocking shades quickly & easily.

Watch the videos for more information…

No Holes to Drill

Using the EZ-Snap™ 3M Adhesive Fasteners, do-it-yourself installation requires no special tools or experience. Window & Skylight Shades are held with peel-and-stick snaps, not screws.

Block the Heat, Not the View

Snap on Shades that block up to 90% of the sun’s heat. Protect residential windows & skylights, RV’s & Yachts.

Quality without High Cost

Forget adding extra frames for solar shades. Do it Yourself with EZ Snap cut-to-size shade screens & Fasteners in a kit shipped right to your door.


Fits All Windows

Featuring our non-fray Shade mesh fabric. Allows you to cut shades to size and snap onto your window frame without needing to hem or bind edges.

EZSnap Exterior Shades on Arched Windows

Exterior Window Shades

EZ Snap™ shade mesh is an Optical Grade of exterior window shading screen. Most shade cloth or solar screens provide significant shade, however, many of them also distort your vision.

We have designed our mesh to block the heat, not the view using a unique weave method.

EZ Snap™ shading mesh has a very high amount of U.V. ray protection built in. This ensures a durable product even in the most severe sun exposure applications.

Exterior Skylight Shades

Exterior Skylight Sun Shades

Block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, but still lets lots of natural light into your home.

Watch the video demo and you will realize that our skylight shade kits are the quickest and easiest way for you to block the heat from entering your skylight, without blocking the natural light.

Our skylight shade kits will fit any skylight from the smallest size skylight, all the way up to 6′ x 50′.

RV Window Shades

Make your own exterior solar screens and RV sun shades using EZ Snap Fasteners.

So simple and effective to use that anyone can do it.

These fasteners let you adjust the shading mesh until it’s wrinkle free. Then they lock together to form a strong, durable and removable snap.